Sandwich Tour of America!

We're ALPHABETICALLY spotlighting a different sandwich from each State in the Union!
As of January 15th we're spotlighting Kentucky and making an awesome Kentucky Hot Brown. Originating in the Brown Hotel in Loiusville, it's an open faced hot turkey sandwich on Texas toast, covered woth mornay sauce and topped with bacon, tomato and cheese.

Belgian Beer Fest 2016

Friday March 4th through Sunday March 6th

Our Sixth Installment of Belgian Beer Fest will be a truely unique experience. We're working with importers to feature the most obscure and limited Belgian beers we can get our hands on. But it's not just about the beer. Our kitchen gets in on the action as well, spotlighting Belgian food dishes throughout the three day weekend. No tickets required. Just stop in and enjoy some of the best Belgian beers, foods and chocolates this side of the Atlantic!

Please see our Facebook Events page for more details:

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